1000 Miglia Green 2020

The 2020 edition of the 1000 Miglia Green saw for the first time a car with an alternative power supply follow the route of about 1800 km during the historic Red Arrow race. In a privileged position at the start of the race, in the ideal representation of the Crossing the Future theme, the undisputed protagonist of the sustainable mobility challenge was the HYPER SUV VISION 2030, the fully electric concept car designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro.

The HYPER SUV Vision 2030 signed by GFG Style, after four days of racing and more than 2000 kilometres covered (the two hundred kilometres more were necessary to reach the charging points outside the race route) embodied, for the second edition of the 1000 Miglia Green, the profound change that the automotive sector is going through. The participation of the Vision 2030 proved to be an important testbed to concretely think about a wider and wider participation of alternative energy vehicles in view of the third edition of 1000 Miglia Green along such a challenging route.

In addition to participation in the 1000 Miglia, before the start of the race, the second edition of the Green Talk was held, entitled Crossing the future: towards sustainable mobility, where sustainability issues were addressed with particular reference to electric mobility. The talk was organised by 1000 Miglia in collaboration with Symbola, Foundation for Italian quality, which has been drawing up the Italian report on excellence in the e-mobility sector for several years.