September 27th 2019 | Brescia 10 am – 1:30pm

September 27th 2019 | Brescia
10 am – 1:30pm

Salone Vanvitelliano, Palazzo Loggia

1000 Miglia Green will begin with The Green TALK  “Crossing the future: automotive, infrastructure and smart mobility”.

A meeting with the major exponents of the automotive industry in the territory, the Institutions, the car manufacturers, the Energy providers compared to the topic of infrastructure growth and the paradigm changes of the Industry 4.0 that is being redefined to serve the smart cities of the future.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The automotive supply chain, and more generally that of mobility, involves a large number of people involved, very often different from each other. The diffusion of e-mobility places all the stakeholders involved in front of new challenges and changes in a market that plays a key role throughout the national territory, particularly in the Brescia area. It is therefore necessary to create an overview based on the identification of shared strategic objectives. The transition to electric mobility must also be accompanied by an adaptation of the national regulatory framework.
All in a historic moment where not only vehicles, but also the industries that participate in the production process (from assembly to the production of micro components), become increasingly smart and connected but above all sustainable.
The protagonists of the supply chain confront each other explaining how they have decided to face the new opportunities arising from the paradigm shift in the automotive supply chain.



A fundamental element for the diffusion of electric vehicles is the creation of a regulatory framework to encourage the infrastructure process of battery charging stations throughout the Italian territory. In our country strengthening initiatives have already taken place from public and, above all, private entities, but there is a strong administrative lack of homogeneity even from the municipalities’ side. We need to change the way we see our cities and include a shared road to travel on by involving all the operators in the sector, from the electricity supply chain to the automotive sector. It is necessary to create smart networks to support the new mobility, taking into account strong innovation factors such as car sharing, self-driving cars and energy storage by the electric vehicles themselves.
These subjects are discussed by the personalities of the institutional and entrepreneurial world who first of all perceived and supported the development of smart mobility.

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